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Shanghai Miran Cleanroom Equipment Co.,Ltd.
[ Company Information ]
Shanghai Miran Cleanroom Equipment Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2006, is a major for the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, electronics and other industries to provide dedicated support decontamination products, clean air treatment equipment of high-tech enterprises. Set design development, production, sales and service into one. Establishment of the company philosophy is built on the basis of the traditional clean, with new GMP, FDA, EMEA and other domestic and international industry standards, development and production of proprietary products supporting decontamination. The company also represents the United States HACH (hash) water quality analyzer, we have professional sales team to provide technical support for you both! Long has always been close to the real needs of customers into the innovation as the starting point and the elements that make our customers fully appreciate the close Lang (MIRAN) product satisfaction and service excellence!

[ Main Business ]
Stainless steel panel telephone MT-618 clean roomMT-618 Clean room telephoneMT-616 cleanroom equipment
Table and installation of box pressure Laminar flow rechargeable car Transfer window Transfer window with the self-purification function Clean Benches Clean floor drain Sample vehicle Clean dehumidifier series
Shanghai Miran Cleanroom Equipment Co.,Ltd.
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Ms  alisa zhang
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No. 29, New fly road Lane 1500,shanghai,China,China
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