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Rags Opening Machine  2012-1-16 14:00:00
It is used to open the yarn waste, fabric waste, help to loosen the fiber of the fabric waste, yarn waste etc. It can help to protect the fiber length of the regenerated cotton on the highest level .Same time, reduce the damage of the wire of GM machine series and increase the working efficiency of GM machine series. It includes waste removal system, so that raw material which not well processed will be sent back automatically by the waste removal system.
Technical Data for MQK-1060
Roller diameter: 600mm (single roller)
Production: 120kg-150 kg
Motor: Y180M-4 18.5kw
Wire size: 4.5T/25.4 mm
Fan: 1.5 kw
Shandong Shunxing Machinery Co.,Ltd
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Sheila  Xu
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Mialing Road,Qingdao,Shandong
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