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Metamax high temperature resistant needle felt filter bag  2012-6-25 9:43:00
Metamax high temperature resistant needle felt filter bag

Composition: aramid fibre
Thickness: 2.0-2.2 mm
Weight: 500 g/m2
Density: 0.29g/cm3
Air permeability: 13-16 m3 /m2 * min
Tensile strength warp: >1100 (N/5 x 20 cm)
Tensile strength weft: >1300 (N/5 x 20 cm)
Tensile elongation warp: <20%
Tensile elongation weft: <50%
Operating temp. continuous: 180 DEG C ; instant: 220 DEG C

Metamax high temperature needle felt is made of the fibers produced by Dupont from US or Tenjin from Japan, composited and stitched according to a certain proportion. Comparing with the common filter material, Metamax has the advantages bellowed:

1.Excellent high temperature resistance: continuous operating temperature can reach 180 degree, temperature peak up to 220 degree.

2.High stability of dimension: Only 1 percent flexibility at the temperature of 230, with excellent high temperature stability.

3.Fire retardant property: Carbonization up to 400 degree, LOI is 30 ,no spontaneous or natural combustion

4.Good resistance for the chemical corrosion : Anti acid and alkali , hardly corrosion .
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