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Seamless Wallcoverings  2012-7-16 9:35:00
Seamless wallcoverings are an ideal choice for those who strive for perfection. Suddenly increased popularity of this wallpaper type provoked the production of seamless wallcoverings with different kinds of warps, and that seamless textile wallpapers have an excellent sound absorption and can provide additional noise insulation of walls.
Features as followings:
A. non-seam wallpaper with larger width of 3.0 meters
B. diversity of designs and artworks
C. Eco friendly
D. sound absorption, moisture-proof and mould-proof
E. anti-wear, durable and easy to clean
F. Less consumption
G. flame retardant
Nanjing Seamless Wallcoverings Co., Ltd
Contact Person:
Leekwan  Siu
Zip code:
Block B, New Century Plaza, 1 Taiping Road,Nanjing,Jiangsu
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