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The latest trade of Leather & Man-made Leather :
Cotton / Textile Waste items and Raw Materials... 2012-3-21 17:13:00
We would like to introduce you our selves as one of the Pakistan's largest re-processor and exporter of cotton/textile waste and fiber by-products, possessing 50 years of vast experience. Raw Cotton / Low Grade Cotton (Pakistan Origin) Cotton...
[Pakistan] BULA & SONS
Rags Opening Machine 2012-1-16 14:00:00
It is used to open the yarn waste, fabric waste, help to loosen the fiber of the fabric waste, yarn waste etc. It can help to protect the fiber length of the regenerated cotton on the highest level .Same time, reduce the damage of the wire of GM mach...
[China] Shandong Shunxing Machinery Co.,Ltd
clothing scraps 2011-9-23 14:57:00
Requiring of clothing scraps, leftover pieces, rags, denim rags, purified cotton rags, terylene rags...
[China] LianMeng world comprehensive trade
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