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Fold Bands 2012-4-17 16:36:00
Woven Cotton Feed Bands Material: 100%Cotton Thickness: 2mm Width: 50mm Length: 100m/roll ...
[China] Hongkong Xin Yun Industrial Felting Co.,Limited
Guide Tape 2012-4-17 16:36:00
Material: Nomex, Polyester Width: 15mm Thickness: 0.4mm Length: 100m/roll, 400m/roll ...
[China] Hongkong Xin Yun Industrial Felting Co.,Limited
Endless Pleating Felt 2012-4-17 16:36:00
Composition: 100% Nomex, 100% Wool/ Working temperature range: 180鈩?300鈩?(Nomex), Until 180鈩冿紙Wool /Cotton锛? Thickness: 2mm-6mm (customized) Length: 1000mm-1900mm Perimeter: 52cm-58cm ...
[China] Hongkong Xin Yun Industrial Felting Co.,Limited
Heat Press Printing Felt 2012-4-17 16:36:00
Manufactured according the customers鈥?request and heat-resistance, there are four types of heat press printing felt as 100%Polyester, 100%Nomex, Polyester + Nomex and Polyester + Wool. They are used primarily on heat press printing machine which is u...
[China] Hongkong Xin Yun Industrial Felting Co.,Limited
Textile Industry Felt 2012-4-17 16:36:00
Heat transfer printing felts are produced from 100%Nomex fiber. They are the most important component of the heat transfer printing machines. We can offer the felts with the normal and special size according to customers鈥?request. Felt Features: nee...
[China] Hongkong Xin Yun Industrial Felting Co.,Limited
Computerized Pillow Machine 2012-1-14 8:27:00
Specification: 1. Item no.: QL003-PF 2. Dimension: 5000*5000*1400mm 3. Equipment: Fiber opener 1pcs; Fan 1pcs; Filling lot 2set; PLC control system 1pcs 4. Voltage: 380v 50Hz 3phase 5. Power: 8.45kw 6. PLC: Siemens Brand 7. Labor: 2 persons 8...
[China] Qingdao Lion Machinery Co., Ltd
Pillow Machine 2012-1-14 8:26:00
Model 1: 1. Item no.: SX1710-A7H-AY 2. Dimension: 3300*2600*1020mm 3. Voltage: 380v 50Hz 3phase 4. Power: 10.65kw 5. Labor: 3 persons 6. Capacity:150-180kg/h 7. Weight:710kg ...
[China] Qingdao Lion Machinery Co., Ltd
Pre-opening machine 2012-1-14 8:25:00
Main specification: 1. Item no.: QL1000-A7R 2. Equipments: 1. Fiber pre-opener main part; 2. Mini box; 3. Fiber transporter 3. Power: 6.25kw (8.5hp) 4. Voltage: 380v 50Hz 3phase 5. Working width: 1000mm 6. Capacity: 400-450kg/h 7. Opening f...
[China] Qingdao Lion Machinery Co., Ltd
Fiber Ball Machine 2012-1-14 8:22:00
Specification: 1. Item no.: SX1000-B 2. Dimension: 4800*1540*1400mm 3. Voltage: 380v 50Hz 3phase 4. Power: 10.45kw 5. Capacity: 100-120kg/h 6. Weight: 1600kg ...
[China] Qingdao Lion Machinery Co., Ltd
Micro fiber opening machine 2012-1-14 8:15:00
Specification: 1. Item no.: SX1790-A7H 2. Dimension: 2400*1100*1010mm 3. Voltage: 380v 50Hz 3phase 4. Power: 6.25kw 5. Opening rate: 80% up 6. Fiber size: 0.8-3d 7. Capacity: Max. 150kg/h 8. Weight: 680kg Description: 1. LION micro f...
[China] Qingdao Lion Machinery Co., Ltd
Business survey,Survey evidence,Credit 2011-11-6 10:44:00
Vidocq Xiamen, a business advisory firm registered with the Government, the integrity of the process, the strength of-the-art equipment, superior service, with high efficiency in the affairs of the company. Company in China to form a huge network of ...
[China] Huli district of Xiamen City Vidocq business consulting firm
Rags Opening Machine 2012-1-16 14:00:00
It is used to open the yarn waste, fabric waste, help to loosen the fiber of the fabric waste, yarn waste etc. It can help to protect the fiber length of the regenerated cotton on the highest level .Same time, reduce the damage of the wire of GM mach...
[China] Shandong Shunxing Machinery Co.,Ltd
Four Roller Cotton Waste Recycling Machine 2012-1-16 14:00:00
GM-410 Four Roller Cotton Waste Recycling Machine Main Technical parameter: 1) Output: 120kg/h 2) Diameter of thorn roller: 脴250 mm 3) The speed of rotating of thorn roller: the first 1900round/min The second, the third 2000round/min, ...
[China] Shandong Shunxing Machinery Co.,Ltd
Textile Waste Cutting Machine 2012-1-16 14:02:00
1. uses the cutting between the blade roller and fixed blade to cut yarn, fabric etc. into small pieces. 2. length is adjustable from 5 cm-16 cm .speed can be adjustable according to customers鈥?special requirement. 3. it can meet the requirement o...
[China] Shandong Shunxing Machinery Co.,Ltd
camera case 2011-10-10 9:12:00
We offer leather wallet銆乪vening handbag銆乲eychain銆乥racelet, on-schedule delivery and competitive prices. If you are interested in any of our models, or have a custom requirement of the bag, please communicate with us in your detailed inquiries.Custom ...
[China] Agapes Leather7Bag Industrial Co.Ltd
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