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inventory and leftover stock 2011-9-23 14:58:00
We long-term buy the optical film, inventory and leftover stock: TFT-LCD, CCFL back light materials, diffusion barrier, BEF, photo mask, reflecting film and other optical films; PC, PP, PET insulating materials; import electronic industry adhesive ta...
[China] LianMeng world comprehensive trade
clothing scraps 2011-9-23 14:57:00
Requiring of clothing scraps, leftover pieces, rags, denim rags, purified cotton rags, terylene rags...
[China] LianMeng world comprehensive trade
Want rabbit leather scraps 2010-8-24 17:09:00
We are a big Chinese foreign trade company concentrating on leather. Now we want to purchase a large number of rabbit leather scraps. We sincerely hope to establish an equal and mutually-beneficial cooperation relationship with our clients. If you ...
[China] Developing Group(Hong Kong) Industrial Co., Ltd.
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